A nutritionist and diet therapist explained about the consumption of a type of fruit with many properties during Ramadan. Narges Jozdani, a nutritionist and diet therapist, said about the benefits of consuming dates in Ramadan: Dates as a fruit have high energy and carbohydrates are responsible for providing them. She added: Kurma Rotab Mazafati Bam have high fiber and moderate the release of sugar in the body during the day, so since fasting people do not consume a lot of fruit during Ramadan, in this case, they should definitely take the use of dates seriously.

Jozdani clarified: If a fasting person does not eat any fruits during Ramadan, she can use 5-6 dates daily in the morning and Iftar meals along with other nuts and cheese. She said about other properties of dates: Dates contain magnesium. It is high in potassium and vitamin B6, and to some extent contains vegetable iron, which is very poorly absorbed, and this factor causes it to not receive much attention from experts in terms of nutrition. Low consumption of water and fiber is the cause of constipation, she emphasized: according to a reliable research, if a person can consume 7 dates daily for a period of 3 weeks to one month, she will easily improve his constipation.

Jozdani added: According to the same research, dates have high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids that reduce inflammation, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer, and are also effective in eye and heart health. He stated that dates reduce inflammation, diseases It is effective against heart and cancer, he emphasized: studies have recommended the consumption of approximately 5 to 7 dates during the day for people, which should be consumed during the month of Ramadan. Reducing Alzheimer’s and preventing brain strokes, also according to recent studies, some people who have consumed 6 dates a day have increased their concentration and memory. Jouzdani said: Potassium and magnesium in dates cause bone formation.

Properties of dates for men

Dates are rich in properties, one of the most important properties of which is strengthening sexual powers and solving sexual problems and disorders in men.


In recent years, based on the research conducted in this field, it was concluded that dates are very useful and have positive effects on the treatment and elimination of men’s sexual problems.


One of the most important properties of Kurma Rotab Mazafati Bam for men is increasing the number of sperm. This property is due to the presence of a substance called flavonoid that is present in dates. This property of dates cures problems such as infertility in men due to lack of sperm. Even in traditional medicine, the combination of dates, milk and honey is used to treat male infertility.


Another feature of dates for men is that it is very useful for the prostate. Because it is rich in magnesium. Also, date powder is very suitable and useful for treating impotence.


In addition, in traditional medicine, in order to strengthen men’s sexual powers, they use a combination of goat milk and dates, which is considered a strong enhancer.

We have said a lot about the properties of dates. You may even be tired of reading it. But know that knowing these things will help you choose better foods for your diet. Help keep your body healthy by eating dates.