Kurma Malaysia

Malaysian Dates: Unveiling a Local Delicacy

Dates are a delightful and nutritious treat enjoyed worldwide. While countries like Morocco and California are often associated with date production, Malaysia offers its own unique date story. But are […]

kedai kurma

Go Big, Save Big: Buying Dates in Bulk at Kedai Kurma

Dates, those delectable and nutritious fruits, are a staple in many cultures. But have you ever considered buying them in bulk, especially if you’re a frequent consumer or own a […]

Fresh Dates

Fresh vs. Dried Dates Consumption Trends

  The Enduring Appeal of Dates Dates, the sweet, nourishing fruits that have captivated palates for centuries, hold a unique place in the global food landscape. From the sun-drenched orchards […]

buah kurma

Exploring Buah Kurma: The Sweet Fruit of Malaysia

    The Essence of Buah Kurma Buah kurma, or dates, are a beloved fruit in Malaysia that holds cultural and culinary significance. Dates are not only enjoyed as a […]