Do you have to be careful about dates consumption?

Although our body is able to digest food at any time of the day and night, there are certain times when the consumption of dates is not recommended, including:

  1. People with irritable bowel syndrome

The digestive system of people with irritable bowel syndrome may be sensitive to foods containing FODAMP (a type of short-chain carbohydrates). Dates are one of the foods that contain FODAMP and its consumption by these patients can cause bloating and stomach discomfort.


  1. After a heavy meal

Borong Kurma Seri kembangan is rich in fiber, which takes longer to digest, so consuming dates after a heavy meal can cause excessive satiety and discomfort.


  1. If you have allergies

Some people’s bodies are sensitive and in rare cases they may be allergic to dates, if you feel this is the case for you, talk to a nutritionist before consuming dates.

  1. If you have diarrhea

Dates contain a type of sugar alcohol called sorbitol, which increases bowel movements in some people, so if you have diarrhea, it is best to avoid dates.

Except for the mentioned cases, you can consume dates almost any time. This fruit is very nutritious and including it in the diet as a snack or part of the meal has many benefits.